Mentors for Undergraduates

Mentors teach students the background of a research problem, lead students through the process of designing a research project, and answer questions as students learn the basics of laboratory work. Interested students should read the research summaries and identify the top three mentors whose research matches their scientific interests and career goals. Students may select any mentor on the list, irrespective of institution. 

Bates College

Ryan Bavis, Ph.D. Nancy Kleckner, Ph.D. T. Glenn Lawson, Ph.D.
Rebecca Sommer, Ph.D.

Bowdoin College

Jack Bateman, Ph.D. Patsy Dickinson, Ph.D. Hadley Horch, Ph.D.
Bill Jackman, Ph.D. Bruce Kohorn, Ph.D. Barry Logan, Ph.D.
Anne McBride, Ph.D. Michael Palopoli, Ph.D. Elizabeth Stemmler, Ph.D.
Rick Thompson, Ph.D. Mary Lou Zeeman, Ph.D.

Colby College

Melissa Glenn, Ph.D. Josh Kavaler, Ph.D. Julie Millard, Ph.D.
Kevin Rice, Ph.D. Andrea Tilden, Ph.D.

College of the Atlantic

David Feldman, Ph.D. Chris Petersen, Ph.D.

MDI Biological Laboratory

Select from among these faculty.

The Jackson Laboratory

Select from among these research areas or faculty.

The University of Maine

Dorothy Croall, Ph.D. Harold Dowse, Ph.D. Clarissa Henry, Ph.D.
Keith Hutchison, Ph.D. Carol Kim, Ph.D. Michael Mason, Ph.D.
Benildo de los Reyes, Ph.D. Rosemary Smith, Ph.D. Touradj Solouki, Ph.D.
Rebecca Van Beneden, Ph.D. Robert Wheeler, Ph.D. John Singer, Ph.D.
Robert Gundersen, Ph.D. Julie Gosse, Ph.D.

For more information, contact James Coffman, Ph.D., Program Coordinator.